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Welcome to School of Style !!!!

The Fashion School For Stylists

World Fashion

The training consists of lectures and activities that introduce students to the world of fashion and fashion styling.

Unlimited Exposure

In the trainings, students will learn how to draw design inspiration, and gain introductory skills in illustration.

Hands On Experience

Students will likewise dive head on in learning pattern making, sewing, fabric cutting, finishing and embellishing.

Passion Oriented Courses

We live and breathe fashion here and would be delighted to share our passion with you, so pop in and say hi!

Our Course Structure


Industry Best Courses

Our certification course will take you through the basic fundamentals of the styling business in fashion.

Recognition & Certification

An official School of Style Certificate of Completion will be issued to each student who successfully completes the course.


About Us

FORTUNE INSTITUTE is one of the reputed upcoming Fashion Institute in India. FORTUNE is now set to train youngsters in Fashions, Interiors, Art & Designing Courses in the field of Management and Art. Fortune Institute is set up in Bangalore with upto date infrastructure to train students to a level of all-round competence and encourage them to promote themselves as professionals by the end of their training period.


To update the knowledge of students, developing creative skills in designing, in fusion of technical know - how of the industry, general aspects of trends in the world market. Appreciating understanding historic fashions, developing designs through CAD designing, Quality control, Marketing techniques and business management. Thus enhancing professional competence, youth can thrive as professionals in various areas of the industry.


Fortune has adopted a curriculum that blends with technical, practical and creative aspects of the fashion world of today. With immense expertise and knowledge being given in theory and practicals through workshops, Latest Computer Softwares both in Fashion, Interior and Fine Art Management. The facilities for students are comfortable and flexible with utmost functional aspects.


Fortune offers well qualified, experienced staff for effective running of the curriculum. Guest Lecturers and experts are invited from time to time to impart their professional expertise and experience to the students. The information and designs are well taught according to International standards by giving individual attention to our students.